Children of December Based and Primed!

I've got my old DIY spray booth set up and now have the base for the Ice Golem as well as the rest of the Children of December crew primed and ready to paint! They're all mounted on Secret Weapon bases, and although it took some finicky pinning with 20 gauge beading wire (couldn't use my usual paperclip method due to the ultra-tiny feet), they're all reasonably securely fastened.


#hobbytiptuesday - Drybrushing

If you need to drybrush, I recommend a Taklon/nylon/synthetic brush, as the bristles are much more durable than natural hair brushes and won't get chewed up as quickly. What you can do is take a pair of scissors and cut all the bristles to an even length, that way the application of pigment onto your target is much more even and controlled.


#hobbytiptuesday - Brush Cleaning

Don't use dishwashing soap to clean natural hair brushes after use. These will strip the natural oils from the brush hairs and quickly ruin the brush. Ideally, use a purpose-made brush cleaner with built-in conditioner (or even hair shampoo w/ conditioner).


I Can Has Pictures Now? (Malifaux Ice Golem)

It's taken me half a week to find the bracket to mount the old overhead lamp I had been using for my photo booth setup - just found it today! I took some proper pics of the Malifaux Ice Golem finally, which I've been chomping at the bit to do since GenCon last year and our subsequent move - could anyone tell me if the Golem is actually teal-tinged (as it should be) instead of entirely shades of blue?


Getting the band back together...

I've spent the past few days going through my old half-dead paints that I haven't touched since before our move and have been bringing them back to life - 100% success rate thus far! Don't have the photo area set up yet, but I've got everything sorted and available to set up, with a card table cleaned off for room next to my painting desk. I have an overhead fluorescent put up and my painting area more or less sorted, it's just a matter of finishing organizing things and finding room for stuff to go. One set of drawers to build the next time I have a day off, and then hopefully I'll be back in business!


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