Malixfaux Ice Golem Finished - Pics Soon™

So - I survived #GenCon, managed to finish a piece for entry into the Gen Con MHE Painting Competition, and had a great time while there.

My Ice Golem wasn't ever really a competition piece, more a high-end "tabletop standard" that's the first painted figure of my crew for Wyrd Games' Malifaux and a color scheme test for the rest of Rasputina's Children of December entourage.

Much as I'd love to post awesome color-balanced pics of the finished piece, I've been working mostly back-to-back shifts since I got home and time has been scarce.

Soon... (and time also willing, maybe a step-by-step on the other Ice Gamin some time after!)



 I was trying to paint some more on the Malifaux Ice Golem and mixed in one of Games Workshop's new paints for a highlight and some color transitions.

 This is the first I've used this Ceramite White since I bought it about a year ago - turns out this generically-labeled white paint is essentially a brush-on primer. I've used thick white paints before - VMC White, for one, and Ceramite is something completely different. It even separates differently w/ my thinner mixtures and everything. Wishing I had never bought the crap.

 Unfortunately, I used it as the white base I added light blue into, and then spread to a few other palette wheels. If I wanted to paint with, say Elmer's Glue, it would've been nice to know I was about to do that before I did it. Oh well, it is what it is.

 Guess who's relegated his wannabe Gen Con MHE Painting Competition entry back down to a regular tabletop figure?



Malifaux "Children of December" Ice Golem II

 Here's phase two, after adding in more color to the Ice Golem. The photos don't do it justice IMO (do they ever?) in that it's actually more of a teal-ish blue than an outright green.

Comments and suggestions much appreciated! I'm painting him up for tabletop use, but since the Malifaux crews are so small and the figures are so awesome, I'm painting them up to as high a standard as I can manage and then I'll just seal the heck out of 'em. (Ought to be easy, as I plan on leaving the Ice constructs semi-glossy anyhow - not sure if that'd the be whole figure or if I go in and add gloss to just the flat ice parts, I'm still undecided.)


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