Rasputina Work-In-Progress

 Here's two work-in-progress pics of my Rasputina. I got tired of her sitting around getting no love, she's been at a standstill for at least a month due to a whole lot of Real Life(tm) stuff going on - not the least of which was the death of my wife's father, a great man who I loved very much.

1) I have no clue how these pictures are coming across since I'm still trying to figure out the best photo setup after our move to the new house - I would appreciate feedback on the clarity of the pics (the front picture is slightly different camera options than the back)

 2) I'm not really happy with how the face is turning out. I had to redo most of it after a painting accident (again, is detail even visible, or do I need to refine my picture-taking?)

  Oh, and there's not really much near completion outside of the face and fur trim(s) - the VMC Russian Green is pre-highlighted and I'm going for a look mostly like the Wyrd box art, just because I like it. Except there'll be more blood stains because, well, it's Rasputina and she's presumably a cannibal.

Feedback greatly appreciated!


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