How Do You Handle Painting Disaster?

 I've been working on a figure in the background here, both for myself and ideally for entry into a competition. I've kinda promised myself not to paint for competitions, or deadlines, or for other people since that's what lead to me getting anxious and burnt out and depressed about miniatures for a good while there - but since I was going to be working on some figures anyway and they fit the theme of the competition, I figgered 'what the heck?'

The long and the short of it is that I was making halfway decent progress, had a color scheme going that I liked, and had a reasonably decent face on the figure done... until I was tired and tried doing some touch-ups to bump up the highlights on the face, and that's when things got sloppy and it all went to crap. This isn't the first time something like this has cropped up and I lose motivation and get frustrated about painting.

 Since I have this medium to post to, I thought I'd see if I could solicit some opinions on how other people handle things when something goes wrong with painting a figure they're invested in. So, what do you do?


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