I was trying to paint some more on the Malifaux Ice Golem and mixed in one of Games Workshop's new paints for a highlight and some color transitions.

 This is the first I've used this Ceramite White since I bought it about a year ago - turns out this generically-labeled white paint is essentially a brush-on primer. I've used thick white paints before - VMC White, for one, and Ceramite is something completely different. It even separates differently w/ my thinner mixtures and everything. Wishing I had never bought the crap.

 Unfortunately, I used it as the white base I added light blue into, and then spread to a few other palette wheels. If I wanted to paint with, say Elmer's Glue, it would've been nice to know I was about to do that before I did it. Oh well, it is what it is.

 Guess who's relegated his wannabe Gen Con MHE Painting Competition entry back down to a regular tabletop figure?



  1. That really sucks, hopefully you will be able to rescue the figure for later use.

  2. I started back with the deepest colors of my palette and am in the process of working things back up to where they went wrong while smoothing out the transitions - kinda what I wanted to do in the first place, but such is life.

    If I can work on things in the next few days and score an appropriate base, I might have it done by Friday for entry... but I'm not rushing. (Display-ish quality sealed for tabletop use, essentially, and if I happen to finish it in time for entry, more's the better.)



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