Tyranids, Old School Style!

 Frankly, I'm shocked I never got off my butt and wrote up a tutorial for this guy, since I essentially had the makings of one in a forum thread I started for him for a Relicnews Painting & Modeling Forum competition - but here's some stuff on a way, way "old school" Genestealer Patriarch I painted in 2007. After some additional work on him following the Relicnews P&M Forum competition, he was one of the figures I took to my first-ever Golden Demon Competition and he was fairly well received - I ended up getting a lot of nice compliments. I seem to recall being told he was an "Honorable Mention" along with all my other entries, but I'll admit I was a little stunned at the time by news that my Lord of the Rings entry had apparently won Silver - I had just come down to the main hall after attending a very well-presented painting seminar by Jérémie Bonamant-Teboul, and someone else from the West Oaks Hobby Center group I rode with to Chicago came up and told me about my Gandalf LotR entry.

 I was more or less like a deer caught in the headlights from about that point until the bus ride back towards home. My Patriarch did actually make First Cut but never got pictures taken of him by GW staff as far as I know, and likewise never made it onto the US GW website or into the White Dwarf magazine issue later that year. While seeing this guy in print would've been nice, I do realize it's a very old, very ugly figure (which I personally think is part of the charm) and there's also the fact that the Brood Lord had just come out in the Tyranid Codex released that year - they essentially fulfill a similar role in the "fluff," and of course Games Workshop would choose to play up a newly-released figure with new rules as opposed to a pure lead casting out-of-production relic from the late 80's.

Without further ado, here's something like a work-in-progress thread but without all the excess verbiage:

Here's the final version of my Genestealer Patriarch that ended up going to the 2007 Chicago Golden Demon Competition:

And for anyone who's curious, here's most of the color recipes I used in painting him up:

Patriarch Skin:
  • Basecoat 2:1:1 Vallejo Model Color Deck Tan/Games Workshop Skull White/Games Workshop Purple Ink
  • Layer 4:2:1 Deck Tan/Skull White/Purple Ink
  • Layer 2:1 Deck Tan/Skull White +1 drop Purple Ink @ 1:10 ink/thinner consistency
  • Layer 2:2 Deck Tan/Skull White + 1 drop Purple Ink @ 1:10 ink/thinner concentration
  • Wash with 1:1 GW Codex Grey/VMC Russian Uniform @ 1:20 paint/thinner consistency
  • Wash with 1:20 Vallejo Game Color Hexed Lichen @ 1:20 paint/thinner consistency
  • Highlight 2:2 Deck Tan/Skull White + 1 drop Hexed Lichen @ 1:10 paint/thinner consistency
  • Add + 1 drop of VMC White to above mixture and highlight
  • Extreme highlight with 2 drops VMC White + 1 drop Hexed Lichen at 1:10 paint/thinner consistency

  • Basecoat 2:2:1 GW Black/VGC Hexed Lichen/GW Ultramarine Blue
  • Layer 2:1:1 Ultramarine Blue/Black/Hexed Lichen
  • Layer 2:1 Ultramarine Blue/Hexed Lichen
  • Add + 2 drops of Deck Tan to above mixture and highlight carapace edges
  • Highlight edges 1:2 Ultramarine Blue/Deck Tan
  • Add + 2 drops of VMC White to above mixture and extreme highlight carapace edges
  • Line in between carapace patterning with 2:1:1 Chaos Black/Ultramarine Blue/Hexed Lichen at 1:20 paint/thinner consistency
  • Repeat lining-in of extreme shaded areas with above mixture

  • Basecoat with 1:1 GW Red Gore/Chaos Black
  • Paint initial striations with +1 drop of VMC Buff/Russian Uniform @ 1/10 paint//thinner consistency to above mixture
  • Layer additional striated highlights with + 1 drop of Deck Tan to the above mixture

  • Basecoat crystal sides with 1:1 GW Dark Angels Green/thinner
  • Layer side opposite light source with + 6 drops of GW Striking Scorpion Green added to above mixture
  • Add + 1 drop DA Green to above mixture and layer next adjacent crystal face
  • Add + 1 drop of DA Green to above mixture and layer opposite adjacent crystal face
  • Repeat above steps with + 1 drop of DA Green added until all crystal faces are painted
  • Darken interior of crystal faces depending on appearance with glaze of GW Green Ink at 1:20 ink/thinner consistency
  • Extreme highlight crystal edges with 3:1:10 DA Green/Green Ink/thinner

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