A Malifaux "Stitched Together" Proxy

 This was indeed originally a dried tea bag, to be used as a proxy figure for Wyrd Games' Malifaux 32mm tabletop skirmish game.

  Stitched Together are essentially sewn-together figures of leather/burlap filled with the bloody, rotting contents of their victims. There is a no-longer-manufactured line of white metal figures for these and plastic ones in development, but in the meantime I was racking my brain to try and figure out something to use/make as a stand-in proxy - I settled on one of my wife's tea bags that she was kind enough to "donate" to the cause.

  The exterior once dried was thoroughly sealed with slightly watered-down PVA glue to firm it up a bit and ideally prevent spoilage. I applied several thinned coats of paint in blood-esque colors to stain the lower portions and added shading a definition to things like the string and folds of the bag. I went back using Ben Komets' "loaded brush" technique to highlight and blend the upper portions so it would look less "fresh" and more weathered.

  Finally, I repainted almost the entire tag - the time frame from the Malifaux game is the early 20th Century, circa 1906 as of the most recent published materials - instead of "300 years of excellence" we now have "200 years" and thorough weathering after color matching and repainting was done.

 After it was all sealed with 2 layers of UV-resistant gloss and a coat of matte sealant, I went and used my go-to color for glossy fresh blood on the lower portion, for added nastiness.

Comments and feedback appreciated!

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  1. That looks like someone buried it in the backyard and dug it up after 10 years. I really can't say I've seen a better Stitched Together proxy. You made me chuckle when I clicked on the title and saw it the first time.



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