General Editing in Progress

 Not much in the way of amazing news, I know, but I think I'm starting to get the layout of this Blogspot page knocked into shape. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could leave feedback or suggestions, especially if anything looks out of place and is potentially correctable from a code/layout standpoint - I don't have ready access to browsers other than IE at this point.

 I am also trying to integrate parts of this blog - at least the news feed if I can swing it - into my "official" Painting by Tinweasel website, where I maintain my gallery, tutorials, images, etc. I am completely news to this RSS feed thing and on conversational terms (but not much more) with XML - I've done a lot of personal coding in HTML and CSS, however. If anyone could make any suggestions or offer any advice to make for a smooth integration, well, I'm all ears!

 I'm also curious as to what sorts of things people might like to see, especially anyone stopping by that might be familiar with my work and/or painting style. Granted, this is kinda putting the cart before the horse and all, but the main reason my painting website has suffered from a lack of updates (outside of "real life" stuff) is that revising the main Painting by Tinweasel static website index file is more awkwards than it needs to be in order to add any news. This blog looks to be ideal for that - but again, I'd like to integrate it into my static website if at all possible. Thanks in advance, hopefully!

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