Forge World Renegade Psyker WIP [Update 8/7/2009]

 I finished flocking the dust cloud on the Renegade Psyker's base after quite a few hours' worth of work last night, and it's turned out pleasantly similar to the way I had originally envisioned it looking. I'm still a little undecided on whether I need to add more in the way of projecting "flung" rock or do any tidying up of the dust cloud effect anywhere - or if I should just leave things as-is and move on to priming and painting.

Here's two pictures of the figure as he currently stands:
Forge World Renegade Psyker WIP #12 Forge World Renegade Psyker WIP #11

 I'm hoping the impression coming across is that he's causing the pavement/ground in front of him to explode outwards in something like a concussive blast or "shock wave" - I thought the "head about to explode" posture was less than inspirational, even though the figure itself is great, and decided a dynamic base might make him look less "counterproductive" if fielded with a Chaos army.

 In between finishing the flocking of the base and attempting to take photos late last night, some areas that apparently didn't have enough glue/sealant started to crumble and it seemed like every time I fixed up one faulty area another one fell apart in my hands. I ended up going nuts with extra-thin CA glue and then painting over the entire thing (with semi-thinned Future) from a jar of my standard thinner mixture. Taking a look at him this morning, everything seems to have set nicely and I'm thinking short of any minor cosmetic changes, the next step will be priming everything and then setting to work on the painting.

 Our son was born in February (the week after I joined the ranks of the unemployed masses), and has kinda precluded painting due to his schedule and limited finances. I'm rather looking forwards to painting something again. Assembling and converting figures is nice, and it's something I can easily set down in order to take care of the kids and then pick up where I left off later in the evening or even several days afterwards - but despite the hassle of mixing colors, cleaning brushes, and safeguarding works-in-progress from nosy cats, I definitely miss painting...

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