Hobby Tip - Night Lords' Lightning Effect

 I haven't had time to do much in the way of hobby stuff lately, but I've been wanting to try painting this for weeks now and I'm curious what you all think:

Here's how I painted the Night Lords lightning effect:
  • First I painted a thinned color for an overall appearance of "electrical haze" or "glow." I used GW Enchanted Blue thinned down to a 1:4 paint/thinner consistency and applied this with a 2/0 brush so as it have a "backdrop" color to paint everything else on. I didn't want this to look solid (hence the translucent paint) but I did want it to serve as an overall "outline" for the two subsequent colors.
  • Secondly I went back with thinned Electric Blue (in a 1:4 paint/thinner ratio again) - it's an old, old color so a good substitute would be 1:1 Enchanted Blue/Ice Blue, I dare say. With this step I used a fine (#0000) point brush and more or less stippled a random, crackling line within the previous haze color. I intentionally kept it patchy and wavy while still trying to follow a more or less continuous arcing path - the next and last color I would say is the most important, as it's the "heart" of the electrical effect.
  • Lastly, I applied fine stippling with thinned GW Ice Blue (1:4 paint/thinner ratio again) and just tried to make it look like crackling electricity - I didn't necessarily keep to the exact center of the previous two colors laid down, but I didn't stray outside of them. I made a few passes with just tiny dots of the brush, until I got to the point where it looked like a fine (if fuzzy) line with a few patchy gaps here and there. Done!


  1. Looking good. I'll be hanging around as I need all the painting help I can get :P

    Do you take requests?

    Thanks for joining @ www.grimdarkfarfuture.com

  2. Requests? Sure, why not!

    As for joining the site, I'm liking the current run of articles that are an overview of troop choices for the different armies - learned something new about my CSM's Daemons that I apparently didn't realize (count as Troops - a decent mid-to-late-game surprise objective contester). Haven't had a chance yet to go through older stuff on the site... but I will.

  3. I like the effect. The top bolt's shape seems sharper at the bottom which a like but I prefer the faded edges of the bolt on bottom.



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