Call of Cthulhu Figures WIP #1

 I mentioned starting work on some Call of Cthulhu figures for a customer but haven't had a chance to make a proper painting blog post since I received the first batch. Let me remedy that:

 Above are the first two investigators I'm working on: the first one I'm picturing as some sort of 1920's playboy in a boldly colored shirt and tie, and the second as a doctor who may or may not be menacing. I've basically been given free rein by the client to paint them up however I like, and so I've been working on the doctor off and on this past week (would've started sooner, but a bad case of conjunctivitis last week made my vision blurry and the rest of me miserable)... and he's definitely leaning towards the sinister.

 Aside from basecoating and shading the skin areas a few days ago, I think the skin areas are done with highlights worked up 3 steps, the eyes painted in and eyelids cut in to shape, the dress shirt highlighted up to pure white, the vest a pale greyish-blue, and the tie (cravat?) a darker greyish-blue. From here I plan on putting him in a black suit and hat with leather accessories.

 I'm mostly following a recipe that Keith Robertson (of Games Workshop/Forgeworld fame) gave me ages ago for the skin tones he used on a 40K Ratling sniper, mixed half-and half with a skin tone progression Mike McVey posted on his blog ages and ages ago - it's not my usual selection of skin tone paint colors, but I like the results! (And thank you also, gentlemen...)

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