Making It Official!

 I've made my mind up to move away from video games and other time sinks and re-invest my "spare time" back into painting and working with fine scale models. To that end I've created a page on Facebook specifically for my artistic activities: https://www.facebook.com/PaintingByTinweasel.
For those of you who are Facebook inclined, please check it out!

 Additionally, I've finally took the (to me) big step of registering a domain name and signing up with official web hosting for a more permanent hobby site, so I'll be working on that behind the scenes and post news when things are a little more cozy. For those of you familiar with my existing website, apparently my internet provider hasn't offered web hosting for a good 3-4 years now, unbeknownst to me - it's an unsupported little chunk carved out of the void that could theoretically disappear at any moment. I'll be shifting things over from the old site to the new and post a redirect once things are all squared away. More to come...

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