Ice Golem - Final Pictures!

 The snow effect used on the base was achieved with Secret Weapon Miniatures crushed glass, presumably designed just for snow and ice effects - it's the Crushed Glass Bundle, which comes with "Realistic Water" resin to apply the loose crushed glass and seal it in place. I can actually sculpt it and layer it the same way I use my other basing materials. Great stuff!

I motivated myself toward getting final pictures of the finished Ice Golem:

 One thing I really liked when laying down the snow effect was that it was translucent - a first layer I mixed with white paint to represent solid snow; the second layer I left as-is for fresher snow. The best thing about it, I think, is the seepage of the Realistic Water around the edges, which makes it look like meltwater esp. on the edges on the base and the low mound on the paving. I used a less "wet" mixture for the outward-exploding snow (mostly cemented clumps of the previous white paint mixture), and just gave it a light coat of paint-free mixture to even things out.

 He's by no means showcase quality - I could've spent lots of hours on the ice crystal effect, say, and straight painted him entirely instead of using washes, but I was aiming ideally for speed. The most involved part was the highlighting and general tidying up. I really like how the eyes show up on the side-view pictures, since I used light flesh tone instead of white.

Comments and criticisms appreciated!


  1. Not 'Showcase Quality' you say...?
    Good lord, my man: How high -are- your standards..?
    That is simply magnificent!!

    1. I'd imagine my standards are pretty high compared to some - probably the reason I've given up on finishing an army any time soon and have moved on to a skirmish game like Malifaux where the rules are straightforward and the painting is "7 figure crew painted and ready-to-play."

      This is why I mostly lean toward competition or display-quality figures, because once I get started I sink in a lot of time and my output is generally "high end" - case in point, the first squad of Games Workshop 40K Tau I painted and took to their Golden Demon Competition in 2007 ended up receiving Honorable Mention and being posted to the GW US website at the time.

      So, um, yeah. Fewer figures to play is a good thing for me.



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