My Army Challenge

 Doing the math, I figger it's been about 5 years as of round about this time since I got back into the miniature painting hobby - right off the bat I was painting Warhammer 40K stuff (I started with a Blood Angel and moved right on into some other difficult-to-paint colors, working myself into a corner of display figure painting and a few Demon awards to show for it). I've taken a stab at about 4 armies, most of them still works-in-progress.

 I think it's about time I actually had an army of my own I could use to play the game. I need to quit farting around and actually stick some pieces together, temporary or no, and get sufficient points' worth of plastic bodies to be able to field a starting force - a few vehicles thrown in for variety. The one I've made the most progress on is my Chaos Space Marines - I've got an army list, a tentative tactical plan for how I'm going to deploy my troops, and, more importantly, the expectation that there's going to be a group getting together at a hobby store about 35 minutes away from my house this evening composed of folks I may or may not know from the old now-closed Games Workshop store I used to frequent. (I'd rather attend the supposed Saturday gathering, but I'm going to some seminars/a convention this weekend with my wife, so that's out for this week.)

 The challenge: I'm going to have 500 points assembled by 5:00pm EST this evening. I have no idea what time anyone else is going to be at this gaming store, or even if I'll actually get to play, but I don't care - I'm on a mission... I'll be taking my assembled "beginner" Disciples of the Four CSM army with me when I leave later today.

 The forces of Chaos and their quest for ruin oppose me:

[Edit] (Somebody asked for a screenshot...) [/Edit]

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