Forge World Renegade Psyker WIP [Update 2/22/2010]

Been a few days since I've actually been able to sit down and do an update on the Renegade Psyker, but I got a chance to add in some off the effects to the base that I had hoped. Feedback would be appreciated:

I highlighted the exploding rubble on the base and deepened the shading in the crevices a bit more. I was aiming for a paint-blistered, scorched metal effect on the scrap of Rhino hatch being flung outwards - I'm curious as to people's opinions of that, and whether I came anywhere close in my attempt. The last piece was somewhat of an inspiration. My general impression of comments was that I needed to add some more color to the base without making it stand out awkwardly - I'm hoping a rusty spring fits the bill. I can go back and add a bit more in the way of orange for the rust, but I don't want to overdo it.


  1. I think it looks great. Love the colour choices, and how the base really complements the pose. How about some more sharp edges on the Rhino hatch? Sort of emphasize it's broken-ness.

  2. That's an awesome model. Very well painted too.

  3. @ Tentakel - You mean like bumping up the highlighting a notch or two on the areas where the metal has sheared? Yeah, I probably should just to really get the idea across.

    I'm glad you like the rest - it's slowly coming together. I think the biggest hurdle was thinking up a base that made him not look like he simply had a migraine, everything else (thankfully) seems to be flowing intuitively from there.

    @ Oni - Thanks! Been a fan of your stuff, even from over on CMON!

  4. He is truely awesome.

    I would take the rust effect up more (but not too much as you have stated) just to contrast a bit with his boots - lots of brown otherwise.

    The hatch needs some sort of texture rather than flat highlighting. When paint burns it blisters, and you get all sorts of raised edges and flaky bits - can you replicate that, maybe use a very fine grain powder to give some texture. Also, the blue and white are very clean towards the bottom - My mind picks that up and it contrasts oddly with the 'dirty' top half - it looks out of place.



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