Forge World Renegade Psyker WIP [Update 2/28/2010]



  1. Wow again.

    Have you darkened the whole model, or just the hatch? The whole piece looks darker - maybe just changed lighting from your last post.

    You've done a beautiful job mate - really done the sculpt justice. That base is fantastic.

    Awesome work.

  2. Nice work, I like the two cool shades used for his jacket and shirt.

  3. I love the paintjob - I've been considering the model myself for a while. This certainly works in its favour!

  4. @ Rogue Pom - The image isn't as saturated as in previous WIP pics in other updates, so that might be one reason for the darkening. The other thing is that I added several applications of weathering powders, trying to get everything to look a bit more "dusty" - to counteract the light greyish-green and greyish-pink additions, though, I had to deepen the shading in some areas. I wish I had been able to "freeze" the hatch at one particular point and I tried to get it back to that, but no dice - the finish looked blistered, but fixing the pigment powders killed that right off.

    @ Ron - The "surgical green" of the material under his jacket is going to be a main color of my Renegade IG force - I was using this guy as (albeit more involved than I initially intended) a "color test." I got the inspiration for the jacket color from a recent White Dwarf issue where the 'Eavy Metal team all painted up different Warhammer Fantasy wizards - the color turned out similar to the "denim" shade of the robes on my painted Tzeentch Sorcerer - only I used Regal Blue in the color mixing instead of Ultramarine Blue. I played around with a few different colors before settling on the blue - I'm thinking I could have a variety of spot colors scattered throughout my eventual army, seeing how a lot of shades work out well against this guy's surgical green and olive drab primary colors.

    @ Nick - I actually favor the other Psyker in the set of two, but I decided to use this guy as a guinea pig in my first attempt at working with resin. The base amongst all the rubble is a release from the Urban Streets II line from Secret Weapon Miniatures - I was lucky enough to get a few "preview" copies of some of the range. Thanks for the compliment on the painting - the figure's so detailed, though, it almost did most of the work by itself.



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