The Disciples of the Four, Revised

I've kinda settled on a 1,000pt. tentative Chaos Space Marine army list making some revisions to my last army layout - I've gotten 2 games under my belt now under the new Edition and played polar opposite 500 pt. armies: an all-Warrior Tyranid list and a Space Wolves force fielding Bjorn, an Iron Priest, and squads of Long Fangs. My battle with the 'Nids was one-sided in their favor, but I ended up playing a draw against the Wolves and there were some stupid things I did (or didn't do, just as likely) in both games that I shouldn't repeat.

Undivided Chaos Lord
- Daemon Weapon
- Combi-melta
140 pts.


6 Khorne Berzerkers
- Skull Champion
-- Power Fist
Rhino w/ twin-linked bolter
201 pts.

10 Chaos Marines
- Icon of Chaos Glory
- Meltagun
- Meltagun
180 pts.

=Heavy Support=

5 Havocs
- 4 Missile Launchers
Rhino w/ twin-linked bolter
- Havoc Launcher
205 pts.

- 2 Extra close combat arms
150 pts.

=Fast Attack=

3 Chaos Spawn
120 pts.

Total: 996 pts.

I'd really appreciate feedback on the list, especially if you could give some of the reasoning behind your suggestions. (I'm trying to pick up as much knowledge here about army list composition as I can, since I don't have a lot of actual playing experience - 5 games total so far.)


  1. Hello, I look forward to reading how you do on your list. My suggestions are to scrap the Havoks or at least take out their Rhino. You will never move the Havoks...I have spent whole games trying to run them into position to shoot. They either start out in a good spot or like I said, they become useless. I would choose another vindicator and maybe buy more berzerkers with the points. I would also trade in the spawn for some elites or something, a dreadnought is less points and more effective in my opinion.


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  2. Supporting the post before. Havocs are simply too expensive to use in a Chaos space marine army list. Space wolves long fangs get 5 missile launchers for only 140 points, with the ability to split their fire. In comparison, Chaos Space Marines can get their fire power elsewhere in either Obilterators, vindicators, or defilers. If you really want to try a good firebase, look into noise marines. I would also drop the spawns, they aren't effective in a game of 40k due to their random nature.
    I would also suggest you add a champion and power fist in the squad with two meltas, since they will be up close, expect them to get into close combat. They'll need that power fist if you hit a dreadnought or a monstrous creature (tyranids!). Put them in a Rhino too so they can actually use their melta guns

  3. I'm supposed to play two games this upcoming weekend at the game store at which I've "unofficially" joined a tournament league - I think I'll try two different army list variants and see which works best. Adding 'Fists to my units makes sense, too. Thanks!

    That's a good point with the Havocs needing their Rhino - I primarily intended it as a mobile base for the Havoc Launcher on it, so the unit as a whole could drop 5 Blast templates a turn. Primarily, though, I'd want them to keep a low profile overall and keep to cover just dropping Frag/Krak shots on the table - kinda silly of my to have a vehicle trailing them around, even if its wreckage would still be useful.

    I genuinely don't want to field a Chaos Dreadnought, as I think the whole "Fire Frenzy" rule is exceedingly stupid - that the occupant goes insane I can buy; that he becomes a bit indiscriminant in his attacks (nearest enemy target versus the one you want him to go after) I'd even be cool with; that after 10,000 years of familiarity he can't distinguish between friendly troops and the enemy, crazy or not(?!) - that's a bit of a stretch in my book, bordering on ludicrous. Certifiable paranoiacs may be crazy, but that doesn't mean they're stupid. (If I were to field a Dread, it would be a converted one using the FW Blood Slaughterer rules - that likely'd mean I'd never be able to field it.)

    I'm a bit less inflexible on the Spawn. My thinking in fielding them is that they would serve as a mobile LOS-blocking meatshield (with teeth), giving the opponent a choice: shoot the Spawn and the Berzerkers + Lord will eat you alive when they truck into CC, or ignore the Spawn (I've read they average 7" movement in a turn normally, get up to a 12" charge as Beasts, and have Fleet by default) and end up with a whole lot of random carnage in your midst.

    Vindicators I can do, as I have the parts for them - I don't know if I'm keen on the shorter range of their Demolishers as fire support, though, since I'm thinking they should probably have Possession? I can't do Obliterators at the moment, since I'd need to convert 'em, otherwise I'd be fine with fielding some.

    I appreciate the feedback so far (keep it coming, if anyone else has any suggestions) and I'll be sure to post results once I get these games in.



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