Top Sekkrit Projekt for Secret Weapon

Now that I've got the bugs worked out in the process (it's been a while to get to this point, but I think I've got everything necessary hammered out for assembly-line production), I'm in the midst of designing stuff for a collaborative release between misterjustin of Secret Weapons Miniatures fame. I don't want to say too much, as he doesn't know I'm posting this (*muahahaha*), but sufficent to say my current side project ought to go perfectly with his recently-released line of Tech Factory bases.

As an aside, I've mentioned a few times now that my recent Renegade Psyker figure is mounted on one of his pre-release molds of the Urban Streets II series (except for the "psychic explosion" and the "random debris" on top, the base decoration is essentially "all his" - it hopefully goes without saying that I recommend his Secret Weapon Miniatures stuff since I was willing to use one of his "test blanks" on a "color test" display-quality figure and I'm kinda picky in how I accent (accessorize?) my painted stuff. I haven't done an "official" review of the bases, though, because the ones I've got from Secret Weapon (and am planning to use in future additions to my 40K Chaos forces) aren't technically the "official" released versions.


  1. I'm curious to find out what your super-sekkrit post is about. It can't be a base you're working on is it? Are you sculpting models now?



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