Slaanesh Chaos Lord, leading the Disciples of the Four

Here's pictures of my finished GW Chaos Lord w/ Mark of Slaanesh and "Blissgiver" Daemon Weapon:
 For starters, I'm glad I was able to repair damage from my first attempt at using waterslide decals on a figure - his hood, specifically. It turned out a little wonky texture-wise from all the stripped paint, but I painted up the rough patches to look like more warts and scarring along the lines of the rest of the figure. (Guess this means I can now go and finish up a way-old tutorial on making custom decals/insignia, yay!)

 I painted the Daemon Weapon with a slight purple tinge, with the metal going up to a white metallic color - same as the round decorative insignia pieces on his torso. I figgered since it's supposed to be a "Blissgiver," some exotic coloration was called for (outside of the grip, which I tried to paint up as being made from tanned human leather).

 With the hood I had a hard time settling on a color scheme - I was originally going to paint it white/pale, but that was just too heavy with negative connotations in my mind (think Southeastern US white supremacist group-esque) and so I ended going with pale pink. That later changed with washes and such to more of an appropriate (in my mind) fleshy color, so I'm going with fluff that the hood is made also out of tanned human leather.

 I painted the grip of his scourge and the holster of the bolter to look like tanned human leather as well, since the orangey-reddish base balances out the other colors in theory. I'm curious to hear how folks think they turned out.

 I've been painting this guy up in fits and starts for a long while now in trying to drag my way out of a depression and a whole lot of being overwhelmed with life in general. I'm not quite there yet, but at least I've got a finished figure to show for it!

 Overall, I'd say I put the most difference in contrast in this figure compared to anything else I've yet painted - a lot of areas go from near-white (or even pure white) for highlights to near-black colors for shading. Again, I'm curious as to how folks think that turned out. He's going to be the (current) centerpiece of my tabletop CSM army-in-progress, so I figgered I'd give him some extra attention over the rank 'n' file - probably make him one big shooting magnet, but c'est la vie! (Props to Secret Weapon Miniatures, too, since I think the converted base from the older Urban Streets line turned out nicely.)

Feedback - the more detailed the better - would be appreciated!


  1. Beautiful! I really love the muted choice of colors and the extreme contrast you described going from highlight to shading looks fantastic. Sorry I can't offer anything useful, just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your miniature. I hope life starts treating you more kindly, as well. Best of luck with everything!

  2. The lighter highlights on the center of the face really help give the model a good focal point, especially on a mini with dark eyes. Well done.

    I really like the combo of the brown and slaanesh colors. I wish I had some constructive criticism to give!

  3. he looks great! i like the choices of color and the contrast between the various parts of his wardrobe. the decal on the hood turned out great as well.

  4. Thanks for the compliments and feedback, all. I'd consider any of the above constructive criticism/feedback, especially mentioning what you guys think works on the figure. If you all had said he looked like crap, well, I'd demand to know what and why for that, too.

    I'm just happy to have finished him - it was a good few months off-and-on. I'm happy the decal is going over well, too: I've got a whole sheet to use on my army, but I need to figure out the best way to get white underneath the clear decals - I'd much rather do that than have to paint all the edges and blend in a white decal. (That, and I don't know where to get good white decal paper at around here.)



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