Gen Con MHE Painting Competition Rules are up!

So the rules are up for the Gen Con MHE Painting Competition over at http://www.genconminipainting.com/

  After some deliberation, I think I'm going to put anything I finish into Open and let the cards fall where they may. I entered a few things in last year - a Reaper figure I painted up specifically for the comp turned out less well-done than I would've liked, whereas the GW Chaos Lord that I've been using for my 40K (wannabe) Chaos army and put in just for the hell of it - near as I can tell it made it to the final cut.

  I realized I was in way over my head in terms of the sheer quality of stuff put in, but at least this time I have an understanding of GenCon's apparent "painting style" and competition format. All I've entered previously was Games Workshop's Golden Demon competitions a few times (granted, winning a few trophies, but still... apples and oranges standards-wise from what I can tell).

  Now I just need to finish some stuff between here and early August!

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