Malifaux "Children of December" Ice Golem

 I'm making a serious effort to get the 'Children of December' gang for Malifaux painted up, ideally all of them before GenCon 2014, but I'll take what I can get. I'm starting on the big Ice Golem first, and I've finally got a color progression that I like and hope will work out nicely in the end.

 That said, does anyone have any suggestions on painting something to look like translucent ice (or how to get the dark and sinister vibe of the crew box set cover, which I love)?

Two colors in from white primer on the Ice Golem, suggestions/comments appreciated! ( I haven't painted anything serious in a good six months or so, so be gentle...)


  1. Really like the start, if you want to go darker you might want to start with a blue or green/blue base and work up to white. Wyrd had a pretty good article in one of their e-zines a few years back with the original model but I imagine the techniques will hold over if you want to give it a look. Translucent ice is something I have never tried so I can't really offer anything there.

    1. I'll have to check through the old Wyrd e-zines, thanks for the tip! This is basically several washes with 2 colors plus transitions over plain white primer. I've painted further at this point - sorting out pics now. I've never done translucent ice, either, but I really like the box art for the figure set and I'm hoping my painting style suits it...



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