Commissioned Work

 At this time, I am currently available to accept painting and/or conversion commissions on figures. Ideally, I primarily wish to focus on single models, but would be open to negotiation on a small-scale group/unit or figure display, depending on customer request. For any conversion work to be done, I would appreciate if any expected necessary parts were supplied in advance and with at least minimal preparation work done on them (trimming, filing, mold line removal, etc.) since, to be blunt, this is generally what takes me the longest time to accomplish since I am used to preparing figures for competition or display quality. Due to time constraints, I would not personally be willing to scratch-build display bases and the like for customers, but would be willing to paint a pre-made display base or something similar in addition to commissioned figures - again, that would be open to negotiation depending on specific customer needs. Likewise, due to time constraints, I would not be personally willing to do wholesale sculpting or scratch-building on conversion pieces, but would be agreeable to some modification to existing parts or "bitz" by negotiation depending on specific customer needs.

 If you would like to commission painting or conversion work from myself or simply wish more information, please contact me through the following link with a request, and I will get back to you as soon as I can: Commission Request from Painting by Tinweasel. I have email filtering set fairly high to limit spam, so unless the Subject Line of email correspondence is fairly specific, it may possibly be overlooked.

What to Expect:

 Unless otherwise requested, I attempt to paint every figure to my highest ability - I enjoy the process of painting and get great satisfaction from seeing a solid, finished work at the end. The same standards of quality I try to put into my own painted display figures, I will likewise apply to commissioned works. When contacting me regarding a request for commission, please include as many specifics as possible of what you would like: which figure(s) you would like painted, whether they will be supplied or purchased by myself, overall color scheme, appearance, weathering effects, basing style, links to reference material, etc. When the work to be done has been agreed upon, and overall cost for commission decided upon, I expect an initial down-payment of at least 25% of the quoted final price in addition to the cost of any extra purchases needed for the commissioned figure(s) prior to starting work.

 Ideally, all details of the work to be done will be agreed upon prior to commencement of the commission. If desired, I can provide periodic updates as the work is completed and/or in-progress pictures during the process. Regardless, I will take pictures when work is done and will send an email with pictures of your commissioned figure(s) - I expect a reply with an approval or request for any final adjustments in return. I am open to requests for minor alterations or touch-up work before approval of the figure and acceptance of the final payment, but am not willing to engage in wholesale adjustment to the commissioned figure(s) once initial details of the work to be done have been agreed upon. (Ideally, the finished figure(s) will look like what was initially agreed upon, so any drastic change in appearance, pose, color scheme or painting style shouldn't even crop up!) All finished painted figures will receive at least two coats of protective sealant and be carefully packaged to protect them during shipping.

 I reserve the right to photograph any commissioned works for display or advertisement purposes for my painting and conversion services. I take pride in my work with fine-scale miniatures, with time and effort put into each piece; as such, I would like to showcase it! If for any reason you are unable to pay for a completed commission, the figure(s) will be held for 30 days. If payment has still not been received at that time, I will then make the figure(s) available for sale to another customer or through eBay. Also note that extra parts from model/figure sets that I purchase for a commissioned work are not returned except on request.

Figure TypePrice Range
Single Figures (Games Workshop, Reaper, Privateer Press characters/smaller Warjacks, etc.)$40.00 - $70.00 US
Mounted Figures (Figures on horseback, motorcycles, eagles, etc.)$70.00 - $90.00 US
Large Figures (Dreadnoughts, Heavy Warjacks, trolls, Ogres, etc.)$60.00 - $90.00 US
Large Vehicles (Catapults w/ crew, tanks, Land Raiders, etc.)$80.00 - $110.00 US
Huge Models (Giants, dragons, involved pieces with large display bases, etc.)$100.00 - $130.00 US
Single Figure Units (Games Workshop, Reaper, Privateer Press, etc.)Negotiable

 This price list is posted as a general guideline and is specifically intended to be open-ended - the finalized price following discussion of the work to be done may include such variables as amount of conversion or reposing, freehand paint work, decorative basing, number of figures in a commission, unusual painting methods, etc.


 Figures will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, unless discussed otherwise on a case by case basis (International Shipping, additional insurance, etc.) and USPS Priority Mail rates may be found here: U.S. Postal Service Domestic & International Shipping Rates

 All figures are wrapped individually and separately from packing material - care will be taken to ensure that painted and/or converted figures do not shift or move in transit to minimize possible damage, and arrive with the commissioned work ideally intact.


 I accept Pay Pal for ease of use, insurability, and tracking purposes in case of difficulties that may crop up. Following a discussion of work to be done, expectations, materials and the like, I expect an initial down-payment of 25% of the finalized quoted price up front before work is started, plus cost of any additional supplies (miniatures, decorative materials, basing supplies, and so forth). Since my own time is limited I ask for a down-payment primarily to cover cost of my own materials and start-up supplies if needed, and to ensure the "earnestness" of commission painting requests, in a manner of speaking. I'm hoping that this doesn't come across as offensive or unreasonable, but to be blunt I would rather be working on a figure for someone who genuinely wants my services and is willing to pay for a quality finished piece done to a high standard, than spending time and resources on someone who is simply "window shopping." On the other hand, I can certainly understand concerns someone may have about commissioning my services and from that standpoint would gladly answer any additional questions or perhaps complete an initial piece with subsequent commissions to follow after there's an actual example of my work in-hand.

 The remaining payment of 75% plus shipping costs will come due upon final completion of all work, and is expected prior to actual shipment of the finished miniature(s).

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