Hobby Tip - Prepping Forge World Resin (Actually, Minis in General)

 Somebody asked me regarding my mention of soaking the resin Renegade Psyker I'm working on in Simple Green - since Simple Green (or "Flash" in the UK, I believe) is commonly used to strip the paint off of figures, and this guy is unprimed resin.

 One thing I would highly recommend everyone do after all the sanding and filing and shaping is done - possibly even before gluing any parts together - is to give your figures/parts a good scrub under warm water with a toothbrush and some dish soap ("fairy liquid," again, for folks in the UK). The reason being that for metal and plastic figures, there's generally a certain amount of the mold release agent left on the surface of the figure from the manufacturing process - think essentially ultra-diluted liquid petroleum jelly being sprayed in the mold prior to the metal or plastic being injected in. Depending on the primer you use, this may or may not be a problem, but generally you want your primer and anything else (Green Stuff, base texturing, water effects) to stick as well as possible to your miniature and so a simple scrub before with a degreasing surfactant like dish soap can make a big difference.

 Now in the case of my Forge World figure, their pieces are fairly well-known for having a decent amount of residual mold release agent, with this often being problematic to the priming/painting process. Simple Green, while having ingredients that help to release paint and primer adhering to a figure, has its main use as a high-strength cleaning and degreasing product. (As an aside, Simple Green has a lot of the same "stripping agents" as in Castrol Super Clean, etc. if you check the company's product Material Safety Data Sheets online - but without all the fun "desiccating and invasively stripping the oils and moisture from your skin" stuff.) Since many mold release agents are petroleum-based, my soaking of the figure in Simple Green overnight was just an added preemptive step prior to my usual toothbrush 'n' dish soap scrub. It seems to have worked, though, as there's no "greasiness" left on the figure and the Simple Green (presumably) caused some of the leftover release agent to congeal visibly in the figure's deeper crevices - easily removed with the follow-up scrubbing.

 It might be obvious, but I'd also recommend saving the scrub until the very last thing before priming your figures, if at all possible - the same way that mold release agent can interfere with adherence, well, so can fingerprints, dust from filing, Cheetos crumbs, etc. A clean mini is a happy mini!

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