I feel like an idiot!

 I went out of town with my family for the holiday weekend to visit with my wife's parents, with the plan of working on the basing of my Renegade Psyker when not busy with family stuff in order to finish adding texture and remaining "atmosphere" to it prior to priming. I had my box of tools with everything packed in (loaded for bear: sanding, cutting, filing, and scraping tools, several types of glue, brushes, my full set of Craftsman hobby pliers - you name it), three different tubs of ground cover texture (mixed gravel from individual grains to smallish rocks, dry kitty litter, and cornmeal), a separate tub with all my collected "scenic debris" for rubble and ruined machinery, several different jars of brush-on mixtures with varying concentrations of Future Floor Finish (it makes an excellent fixative for ground cover), and my Dremel set w/ carrying case (wasn't sure if I'd need to re-texture the ground cover if things didn't pan out). Now this isn't nearly as massive a gathering of gear as it might sound, since I have a few compartmentalized trays that hold a lot of this stuff (with the exception of the Dremel and assorted bits in its own carrying case) - but it took nearly an hour the nught before we left to get everything together from being scattered on my painting desk, and packed away for travel.)

 The Renegade Psyker as he currently stands, needing some bulking out of the base with added texture to represent a "concussion wave" of dust and shattered concrete:
Forge World Renegade Psyker WIP #3
 So it's just me and my 4-month-old son the day after we drive up - Dad got assigned baby detail as the rest of the family was out in town checking out garage sales and holiday festivities - and he falls asleep after his bottle around the time of his usual afternoon nap. I put him in his crib and he settles back down quickly, thankfully. With the baby monitor on and no need for the Dremel, I figger it's a perfect time to get everything out to start gluing the initial "dust cloud" onto the Psyker's base. Stuff gets moved out to a spare table in the back room, tubs of groud cover get unpacked, I get myself situated... that's when I realize that prior to leaving our house downstate, I never packed the based figure itself after setting it on the high shelf of the computer desk the night before to keep him from being toyed with by either of our jumping cats or "carefully" inspected by our 5-year-old daughter who loves her daddy's miniatures. Gah!

 At least I got to do some prepping and assembly on some of the Khorne Berzerkers for my Chaos Warband, since I also packed box of figure parts, but it wasn't at all what I was hoping to do - I'm chomping at the bit to get painting on this guy, but I want to finish tidying up the "visual effects" of the base first and get everything looking "just right" before moving on to the next step.

 Anyone else do something asinine like this when really looking forwards to working on a particular miniature?

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