Games Workshop Kroot Hound, Honorable Mention - 2008 Chicago Golden Demons

 Here is the revised Kroot Hound that I reworked for the Games Workshop 2008 Chicago Golden Demon painting competition. Since a majority of the work on the figure itself was already done, I focused on adding more character and depth of color to the figure. Spots on the hide were something I've been wanting to do since I worked on him the first time around, likewise color and highlight touch-ups on the leather and metallics. The adding of unique color to the skin tones was by suggestion, and I ran with it. The additional paint work was initially a little awkwards as the yellow and original green shades did not seem to like one another in terms of applying the newer color accents to get things to look like they "belonged," but I can definitely say that overall I'm very happy with how he turned out (likewise that he placed as one of very few 40K Single Figure Honorable Mentions and had his picture posted for posterity on the Games Workshop website.)
Kroot Hound (front) Kroot Hound (back)

 Here is the figure as finished originally - revisiting it, it's amazing to see how much detail and depth I left out, and I mean simple stuff like additional highlights and shading, when originally I thought he looked great. Well, as they say, hindsight is 20/20 and I'm glad I revisited him and put in the extra work since the improvement appearance-wise is pretty striking, and I much prefer this new color palette than the old, plainer coloration.
Kroot Hound (front) Kroot Hound (back)

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