Fun With Shipping, AKA Getting the Commission Giveaway Contest Piece In The Mail

 This is the transport method I'm thinking about running with - the bottom disk is an old 60mm base I made from MDF hardboard:

 I'm thinking that if I hot glue the underside of the disk to the bottom of a sufficiently roomy box, then it should be golden and not shift around at all. The brass beading wire restricts movement but isn't so tight as to chip paint (I hope) and the foam there is for an added barrier to "insulate" the wire I've got wrapped around it. Something like this, I'm sure, would set off the "bomb squad" at an airport even though being completely harmless, no? Good thing it'll likely go overland, since it's being sent to a neighboring state...


  1. This is one I've struggled with. The method I finally arrived at which seems to prevent damage pretty well is *not* to surround the mini but instead to put the mini into a thick gauge plastic bag and then place the plastic bag into loosely packed shipping material. The plastic is non-abrasive to the mini and touches relatively few points on the model. I haven't had one break or get paint damaged shipping like that.

  2. I've had success with bubble-wrapping a model, and then taping the bubble wrap to itself. Then, like Mike said above, placing it in a box of loosely packed shipping material. Haven't had any complaints so far...

  3. I'm thinking this is as ideal as it's going to get - 32 lbs. of edge crush resistance and a USPS Priority Mail Box that died for her sins:




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