Infinity Speculo Killer WIP

Work continues on doom_of_the_people's Commission Giveaway Contest figure, albeit with another commission I'm prepping in fits and starts in the background and a few other things going on (we adopted a puppy last week, for instance, to "replace" the one that died of parvovirus a few months ago - I never realized how much adjustment it takes bringing a new animal into the house!)

At his request, I've done a fair amount of weathering and sun-bleaching effects on an "autumn"-style color scheme. The underlying armor panels are brownish-yellow and orange-yellow, alternating in parts, and the whole figure has been lightly airbrushed with an off-white - I'm still getting the hang of it, but it's a fun thing to play with. It was a lot paler until tonight, when I had the inspiration to add some additional cool coloration that ought to tie the warmer (if muted) browns and autumn colors in with the soon-to-be-glowing monofilament weapon and a few other (surprise!) Object Source Lighting effects. I used an initial glaze of GW Shadow Grey brushed towards the crevices across the figure, followed by a Shadow Grey/VGC Sepia Ink mixture to delineate the panel lines and such a bit more - I'm aiming for a look of grime deep-set in the crevices of the armor, or possibly dust mixed with oil.

Anyhow, here's the figure as of this evening:

I've already started with basecoating the Secret Weapon Miniatures base on which she stands, which ideally will end up looking like broken concrete - I plan for the pipe to be oozing something vile (with continued approval, of course).


  1. The shading's turning out quite nicely--I'd say the paint job is coming together amazingly well. My only complaints would be about the sculpt itself. The upper torso (armor?) and hand on the thight have weird proportions that I never noticed until it got to this stage of painting. I'm surprised because the bare metal figure looked awesome to me.

    Perhaps it's just fluff from the game making it's way into the model, though? What game did you say this was from?

  2. Yeah, the sculpt's definitely gotten weirder as painting her progressed - the hand is too small and the lower body has a completely different posture and facing than the upper body. Still a cool figure and fun to paint, though. She's positively dainty compared to Chaos Marines. If I go back out to the store where I found they sell these, maybe I'll pick up one of the "Avatar" models from the same company - that one was cool-looking, too.

    Yeah, I know nothing about the fluff for this one other than that she is a shapeshifting assassin with a monofilament blade. She's from the Infinity game line by Corvus Belli - it's been out about a year or so, and the one store I mentioned has a ton of figures but is about an hour away from my house.

  3. The hand has always bothered me but I do love the line. As for the posture variation, I always attributed it to making the figure feel alien.

    The Avatar is quite beastly and the Caskuda as well. Both have a little problem with making it onto a base properly. I personally like the Anathematics.

  4. I like the pose and painting of the Avatar as shown on their website - very agnular and mechanical. Don't know anything about the thing in-game, but I like it because it looks dangerous.



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