One Lonely Khorne Berzerker Revisited

 I first posted a picture of the solid-color Berzerker in a post last week. Well, I've started in on outright painting, mostly because I'm using this guy as a color test for another commission figure. The red armor is partially shaded at this point, and the brass is simply basecoated with a shade color. (Man, I wish metallics covered better, but I guess I can't complain with only two thinned coats of a brass-brown mixture doing the job.)

Here he is in all his blood red Berzerker glory:

 I'm aiming for more of a dried blood color with the Berzerkers in my warband, just because everything else is likely going to be bright colors (like inducted Loyalists) or faded and/or pastel colored (like any generic "Lesser Daemons," maybe, one of which my recently-posted Plaguebearer might eventually become).

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