Decisions, decisions...

Do I prefer an airbrush or a paintbrush now? Do I paint the segmented protrusion coming out of the Plaguebearer's mouth so as to make it resemble a giant, pasty-looking maggot, or paint it up as a dripping, putrefactingly rotten tongue? Anyone have any suggestions?

I've been trying out some new stuff here over the past few days - one of these figures was airbrushed with some additional shading touch-ups via a brush which were then gone over with an empty airbrush to drive the thinned paint into the depressions, and the other used the same colors but was strictly hand-painted via paintbrushes.

I must say I am certainly loving this airbrush, now that I've finally put it to use - it works especially well with washes. Even using windshield wiper fluid to cut my paints, the extra bluish tone from the wiper fluid adds a little extra something outside of the beige paints themselves. I applied a basecoat, two shading colors, and a highlight in about an hour! Whee! (I do have clear airbrush thinner, but I think I might stick with this wiper fluid for a while...)

I'm also pleased that my prep work on the Commission Giveaway Contest winner's Speculo Killer turned out so smooth. The figure is so delicate in appearance and what angles she has are so awkward - I wasn't sure I got everything or that things were smooth enough. After giving the figure a guide wash tonight on the "unpainted" parts, it looks like I covered both aspects well. Yay, me!


  1. Maggot, all the way!

    Yeah, she's looking pretty darn good. I really need to break down and get myself an airbrush with a quiet compressor. I have a borrowed one, but the compressor is so loud that the kids come running when I use it.

  2. Here's the set I bought:

    The airbrush isn't "top of the line," but it's straightforward, easy to clean, and still has some "bells and whistles." The compressor doesn't run continuously, only when its ramping the pressure up to speed - we have thin floors and it makes less noise than our vacuum when it runs.

  3. I'm going to have to go with maggot as well. It really gives it that ick factor that all things of the plague need.

    Kudos on the smooth prep, something I'm always trying to improve on. The awkward angles on the Speculo always played on the alien vibe for me. You knew she would look the part when she shifted but something would always be a little off about the movement.



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