Final Hours for Plaguebearer Voting!

Some of you may have noticed the little voting poll I've had running on the left side of the site for roughly a week now - obviously 11 of you did as of my typing this (the other 12th one is a proxy vote for my daughter, who was soundly in the "tongue" camp).

Essentially, I'm painting this Plaguebearer up as a test figure for a commission piece I'm painting at the same time with the same colors and I'm not too fussy about how or what he turns out looking like, since I don't have any immediate plans for Plaguebearers in my CSM Warband.

In the poll are two options as to how I round out painting this guy after all the color testing's said and done - both of them ideally disgusting, but neither being more nor less appealing to me than the other. That's where you folks and the voting come in, and there's just a little over 12 hours left to exert your mouse-clicky power in coercing me into painting this guy one particular way or another. I would've done a "write in" option instead of just two choices, but I was afraid I'd not get any consistency - sorry, maybe next time! (If there is a "next time" - researching rotting tongue and/or maggot images online for color references is probably going to be the end of me.)

As an aside, I've been tweaking the layout of both the blog and the full painting website - let me know if anyone notices and strangeness!


  1. That PlagueBearer looks fantastic, nice and pale while still keeping some colour in it. Any chance you could share how you've done it?

  2. Voted, Maggot all the way!

    I love the scheme of this guy, he looks putrid!

  3. @ Steve - Sure! The basecoat was 1:4 Vallejo Game Color Khaki (or Games Workshop Kommando Khaki)/GW Skull White, shaded with 3:4 VGC Khaki/GW Skull White thinned down to a 1:4 paint/thinner concentration. I then went and lined in the deepest areas with a 1:1 Khaki/GW Graveyard Earth mixture thinned down to a 1:8 paint/thinner concentration.

    I then sprayed on a light highlight mist of 1:1 Khaki/Vallejo Model Color White with my airbrush. I washed over the whole figure with a 1:1 GW Scorched Brown/GW Red Gore mixture thinned down to about a 1:10 paint/thinner concentration (as it's a fairly strong color), and when that was dry, brushed Vallejo Model Air Dark Green unthinned into the crevices and over all the shaded areas. (Now keep in mind I was using my airbrush to blow all the wet paint off the upper surfaces down towards the shaded areas, but simply dragging your brush towards them as you paint would have the same effect.)

    The last step posted was after I airbrushed on a not-so-light highlight layer of P3 Menoth White Highlight (an excellent color I'd highly recommend!) and I had my qualms after I'd laid it on a bit thick, but he seems to have turned out all right. I'm in the process of going back and picking out individual highlights, as well as bringing back some of the color to areas like the irritated skin around his gaping wounds. Oh, and painting it to look like a giant maggot is coming out of his mouth. Whee!

    @ Big Jim - You're one of those weird "maggot" voters, aren't you? Yeah, me too (had I voted of my own free will). To be fair, I think I received another of this same pose in a minis-for-painting trade, so I'll do the second one with a gross tongue just to be fair to my daughter (and the other 2 people...)

  4. Thanks for that, got 2000 points of Nurgle Daemons waiting for some paint so i'll be giving that a try.



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