Reporting In, Sir!

 If anyone's noticed the relative scarcity of updates lately, there's been a few reasons for it. One is family stuff - trips out of town, wife starting a new job, our 1-year-old with pneumonia; the other(s) are that I've been trying to focus on the commission work I'm doing. I'm ready to start painting the Speculo Killer from the Infinity range, and was hoping to do so after getting back from a trip with two days that the kids would both be at day care - well, our son's pneumonia's scratched that "free time" idea for the most part, but at least now's the easy part in that I much prefer putting brush to figure. I generally dislike prepping figures since it takes me a long time being somewhat obsessive about mold lines and flush fittings and all that fun stuff.

 I also received another commission shortly after running the Commission Giveaway Contest, and while assembling and tidying up and gluing that is still underway, I will say this - it's not a GW Trygon or Mawloc, and it's not a Valkyrie, although it's up there in scale and will be mounted on a similar blank. It's something big and evil, and it's going to be going on this base:

 I cut it out of sheet plastic stock with an electric bandsaw, trimmed to shape with a heavy rasp, and then smoothed things out with a progression of sandpaper from 60 grit up to 800. It's fun to break out the big toys once in awhile, and thankfully our son's a relatively sound sleeper!


  1. I hope your little one is doing well and I'm not sure of the base size but I hope it's a Mega Dread.

  2. He's feeling better, but still sick. At least it hasn't gotten any worse. He seems to have developed a fondness for the Gerber equivalent of cheese puffs this past week, too, preferring those over regular baby food and even his bottle.

    As to the base, oddly enough, the original I traced the template for this one from was mounted under a brand new Forge World Ork Mega Dread - hrm, talk about coincidence. Nope, not a massive, awe-inspiring Ork warmachine in the slightest. Picture the above base modeled with a bit more fire and brimstone to it, perhaps?



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