Plaguebearer WIP [Update 4/26/2010]

 Well, I figger I'm about done with this guy. I went for dirtier bandages - weeping wounds underneath and stuff like that would be a bit much effort, I think, since I'm just painting this guy up as a color test for a commission piece I'm working on simultaneously. I tried painting actual brass for the first time on this guy using an actual brass-colored paint (P3 Brass Balls! Woo!) - my Golden Demon Skaven Warlord brass areas had a make-do attempt using a mixture of Dwarf Bronze and Black, but I think I like the lighter, more gold-toned version here better since I was actually able to dirty it down and get better contrast between the edges and the main color, I think.

 I also highlighted up the wounds, but they looked too awkward and stood out too much - a glaze of green over the figure and into the depressions again seems to have evened things out. I'm not about to go back and highlight the entire figure, since I really just want this guy at tabletop level or so (although there's been a few more steps involved, I don't think I'll be repeating this scheme on any of the other 9 Plaguebearers I now own.)

 I'm curious to hear what you all think of the maggot coming out of his mouth. Staring at a reference picture of a pile of 'em trying to get the colors right was a little awkward, especially since my wife is squeamish about them and caught sight of the color picture sitting on the printer before I took it down to my painting den quick-like. (She gives her thanks, folks! Heh.)

  Anyone have an opinion on basing color for him? I'm thinking a neutral cooler color of some sort (like flat brown dirt, maybe?) or something along those lines. I want him to be standing on something like urban ruins, wreckage, debris, or exploded earth - a 40K battlefield appearance to go along with the rest of my Chaos force, in other words. Painting concrete my usual way would make his base as underlying red as this guy already is (but he's got a lot of green over the top of that, so I dunno). I really don't want him overwhelmingly green/red, so I'm open to suggestions... maybe blacktop, which I painted the basing of my first Chaos Space Marine to resemble? Again, I dunno.

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  1. I like the idea of black top, or sludge/tar you could always throw in embedded marine helmets/arms for a cool little effect.



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