Gandalf at the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm

 It's been long overdue, but I've finally posted a webpage specifically for my "Gandalf at the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm" diorama with the Lord of the Rings figure that won a Silver Demon at the 2007 Chicago Games Day in the Golden Demon Painting Competition.

 The page itself can be found here on my painting website. I've also updated my Gallery with the linked page for Gandalf, and I'm adding in a few more recently- and not-so-recently finished figures.


  1. Did you ever wind up doing a Balrog to complete the scene? I'd love to see your take on such a huge demon. :)

  2. I started working on one of the plastic GW Balrogs not long after I got back from Chicago that year, and took it with me to my wife's parents' house - her dad was starting chemotherapy at the time. I forgot the bag of Balrog parts at their house, and by the time I'd got them back, I'd already started on a different project and they got boxed away down the basement.

    I went through my boxes of miniatures down the basement a few months ago and I saw that the work I had done on him had more or less been broken apart, so he's still a bag of parts still needed to be assembled and resculpted.



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