Plaguebearer WIP [Update 4/28/2010]

For some inexplicable reason, I woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back asleep. At least I got some painting done. These may very well be the last work-in-progress pictures of this Plaguebearer:

These are better pictures color-wise than what's come before, I think. I believe I may have figured out my color balancing issues with this guy, and maybe even future pictures. The problem with this particular figure is that the red + green on him end up mixing towards the pinkish-beige end of the color wheel (if there is such a horrible place), much like the "official" Cleaved Chaos Space Marine scheme put out by GW in the most recent CSM Codex (it's even more noticeable, the pinkish tinge to the beige, that is, on the color test figure I painted up a long while back). The color is tricky to capture in pictures, especially since I'm using translucent paints and inks on this particular figure and the eye sees things differently than the camera due to, I dunno, light refraction or something. (That's my official excuse, and I'm sticking with it!)

That said, I think the face is lacking something, I just can't quite put my finger on what to do or change to give it that little extra bit of "oomph" - my understanding is that milky white is the "official" eye color for Plaguebearers, but I may have to take some artistic license. I already tweaked them a bit so that the unbalanced-looking larger eye has a grey ring around the outside, sort of like a milky cataract or something. Any suggestions on kicking the appearance of his face "up a notch?"


  1. Other than ridges or glyphs on the horn or taking bite of the maggot. A burst eye might be doable, sort of a weeping pus from the smaller eye and down the cheek? That is all I could think off hand.

  2. Glyphs on the horn - that's not a bad idea there, adding markings to his skin and/or protrusions. I was thinking of adding a subtle glow around his eyes or something, but I'm stuck for a color.

    I don't know about weeping pus out of the smaller eye, but black, greasy tear "tracks" from his sockets sounds about right.

    Thanks for the inspiration on both counts! (Gotta love the internet - a bunch of people kicking around ideas is much better than me all by my lonesome. Maybe I need more free time?)



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