The People Have Spoken!

The voting is now well over and done with, and we have a clear answer to the burning question, "Should I paint the segmented protrusion coming out of the Plaguebearer's mouth so as to make it resemble a giant, pasty-looking maggot, or paint it up as a dripping, putrefactingly rotten tongue?"

By an overwhelming (but thankfully not unanimous, you sick puppies, you) majority, the Plaguebearer guinea pig, er, color test figure will be painted up so as to appear to have a giant, pasty-looking maggot coming out of his mouth as opposed to merely a dripping, putrefactingly rotten tongue. Now comes the utter joy of color research on the Intarwebs, unless someone can recommend a color progression or similar color recipe they already know - and I won't ask how they came by it.


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